A Journey to Wholeness


Our first Cultivated Artist Group #1 is full and has officially launched!

If you are interested in joining Group #2 for 2017,
please fill out the Artist Profile below.


The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Cultivated Artist program. Uniquely designed to give artists of all disciplines the opportunity and space to intentionally cultivate their spiritual life and creative work over one year, the Cultivated Artist will provide you Christian community, the spiritual formation of your heart, soul and mind and a dynamic creative environment to develop your artistic gifts. We explore what it means to be a whole person, fully alive to God, our art and the world around us.

You will... enjoy a one-year creative journey with a small group of 12-15 artists through four quarterly meetings: 2 Grove Getaways and 2 Grove Evening Gatherings. This will be your Community Group for the year. During this one-year experience, you will choose what kind of creative focus you'd like to have for the year, which you'll share with your Community Group. We anticipate rolling out 1-2 new community groups every year.*

Our 2016 Cultivated Artist Group #1 Getaway will be at this beautiful mountain cabin, October 27-30.

Here's How You Will Benefit from The Cultivated Artist...

  • You will be surrounded by artists with a deep love for God, creativity & the arts.
  • You will learn specific truths, principles and practices for becoming fruitful & thriving.
  • You will be rested, refreshed, and renewed in God's beautiful creation.
  • You will be making a sound investment in your personal and professional life.
  • You will experience the benefits of spiritual direction, creative coaching & vocational guidance.
  • You will be able to participate in a private online Community Forum (optional).
  • You will explore, experiment, and cultivate creative ideas and dreams.
  • You will develop deeper focus, momentum, execution and completion of your creative work.
  • You will enjoy great meals (we bring our own chef!), rest, laughter and new friendships.

Important 2016 Dates for Community Group #1 - FULL

Gathering #1, Saturday evening, June 25, 6-10 pm, San Clemente, California.

Getaway #1, Thursday-Sunday, October 27-30, San Bernadino Mountains, California.

The 2017 Gathering & Getaway dates will be announced at Getaway #1.

Cost & Artist Profile Form

The Grove always works hard to keep costs down for artists. The cost for the entire one-year program is $799.00 per person (non-refundable). The Grove offers several flexible payment options. That breaks down to an investment in your personal and professional life for just under $67.00 a month!

Once accepted, there is a $199.00 non-refundable payment due, which will go towards the 2016 Gathering & Getaway. If you're intrigued by The Cultivated Artist, as a next step, please fill out our Artist Profile form.

Our goal is to place you in a Community Group that will be the best fit possible based upon your background, art and life experience.

Like a great art show, we are curating each Community Group based upon each artist's background, artistic discipline, and life experience.

Once we receive your Artist Profile, we will schedule a phone call to discuss your responses, determine the best fit for a Community Group and payment options.

Name *
I am willing to journey with other artists in a one-year commitment to The Cultivated Artist. *
I understand that I am committed to pay the full year's tuition. *
Ryan Kirkland & Joey Molino at a Grove Getaway.

Ryan Kirkland & Joey Molino at a Grove Getaway.

What Creative Dreams Are in Your Heart? Do you want to...

  • Explore your God-given creativity?
  • Write new songs & record a CD?
  • Create a new series of paintings?
  • Write, direct or film a new movie?
  • Choreograph a new dance or show?
  • Develop an arts organization?
  • Create assemblage art?
  • Shoot a body of work?
  • Create new recipes?
  • Become a better actor?
  • Learn animation or graphic design?
  • Write a novel, book, play or screenplay?
  • Sculpt? Throw pottery? Design jewelry?
  • Launch a new blog or creative ministry?

Cultivated Artist FAQ

1. The Cultivated Artist program is designed to help you thrive in your spiritual and creative life.

2. It's not a conference or big church thing. It's simple, small, intentional and relational.

3. There are 4 quarterly meetings in the year: Two evening Gatherings & 2 Getaway Retreats.

4. You select your creative focus for the year.

5. You determine what kind of challenge, feedback or support you'd like from the group.

6. You must be "All In"! You are committing to participate in each quarterly meeting. You and everyone in the group benefits by your full participation.

7. There will be optional coffee meetings, an online forum and video conferencing in between meetings.

8. This is not an Artist-In-Residency program.

9. You are responsible for your own travel. For artists traveling for the 2 Evening Gatherings, we will offer the option of free overnight housing with a local family to keep costs down.

10. You will have shared housing and meals in community. In some cases, individual rooms may be available.

*Due to the initial number of responses we received, we can't guarantee that everyone will be able to participate in this first group. We anticipate creating multiple groups over the course of the next year. Either way, we'll let you know ASAP!