Learning to Dunk & Other Impossible Adventures

Feature-length Documentary Film

S X Anderson
Bend, OR

Funding Goal: $60,000

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S X Anderson, Documentary Filmmaker, Learning to Dunk

S X Anderson, Documentary Filmmaker, Learning to Dunk

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GENRE: Documentary - Inspirational

SYNOPSIS: What would it take to get a 46-year man who stands just shy of 6’ tall and who has never dunked a basketball the ability to dunk? Why would he even try? What inspires some to move past the dissatisfaction, distraction and dysfunction that is a part of life and attempt the impossible while others never even consider making the effort?

S X Anderson, a Behavioral Coach who works with college students and adults from all walks of life, has observed that many people stay stuck in bad jobs, bad relationships, painful situations and uninspired lives. They cannot see themselves succeeding at the rare dream, vision or idea that pops into their heads, they let dissatisfaction, distraction or dysfunction get in their way, derail their future, dismantle their hopes, dissipate their dreams, defuse their visions and destroy their desires.

People often say, "I just can't do "that" -- It's impossible.” They could be referring to something as simple as turning their homework in on time or losing 20 pounds. On the other-hand it might be a bit more challenging like going back to college or creating an organization to help underserved youth in the inner-city or even learning to live independently without one’s arms or legs. And yet somehow some manage to accomplish what others have said will only happen when pigs fly.

This story will follow Anderson as he tries to help himself and others discover what it means to succeed at the impossible. His own personal task will be his very funny attempt at accomplishing a physical and gravitational impossibility for someone with Anderson’s physique, strength, and age – dunking a basketball on regulation-sized hoop. As the story unfolds, following Anderson in his attempt to reach vertical nirvana on the basketball
court; we will also follows his travels around the country as he searches for inspiration from amazing people who have answered the question, “What does it mean to do the impossible?” Throughout the film, we will be exposed to radical change and radical hope.

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