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Is Money A Negative Word for Artists?

Join Joey O'Connor, Roy Cochran, Margot Rogers & Laura Cootsona for this lively conversation about some of the inherent tensions artists face in dealing with money. (25 minute recorded conversation)

(This is the first of several free Grove Artist Financial Portfolio webinars designed to help you make, manage, and multiply the money you have.)

Is money a negative word for artists?

I guess it depends on who you talk to.

Money can be a negative word for artists, doctors,  schoolteachers, the wealthy, the poor and just about everyone in between.

Since money is tied to so many aspects in our creative lives, this is just too big a topic for us at The Grove to avoid. Money doesn't have to be negative, but whether you have a little, enough or plenty to spread around, money is not neutral. And, we have have a unique perspective with how we understand it, use it, manage it, spend it, lose it, invest it, save it, or give it away.

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Laura Cootsona
Non-profit Consultant,
Entrepreneur, Coach
Twitter: @LauraCootsona


Margot Rogers
Visual Artist, Illustrator,
CIVA Marketing Director
Twitter: @MargotDesign


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