Grove Gatherings

Authentic relationships.

Beauty. Truth. Goodness.

A hunger for life and community.

Too good to be true?

Enter Grove Gatherings

We meet monthly. Intentionally.

Great food. Conversation. Music.

Caring. Cultivating. Community.

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Grove Getaways

3 days. 10-15 artists.

Rest. Conversation. New ideas.

Highly relational. Intimate settings. Prayer & laughter.

Not a conference. No blah-blah.

Oh, did we mention good food?

Great things happen.

God always surprises us.

Experience a Grove Getaway for yourself.

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Grove Generosity

We own a farm. 

We like to sow good seed.

So, The Grove gives to artists.

How? Small grants & scholarships.

We don't have an endowment.

We raise money & give it away.

We also give our time to artists.

We encourage artists to be generous.

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