1-Day & 3-Day Grove Getaways... Great Food... Conversations... Creative explorations...

Do you have a deep hunger for God, beauty, creativity and the arts?

When we water our grove, we leave the sprinklers on for twenty to twenty-four hours at a time. We call it a 'deep soak'.

What might your life look like if by intentionally giving yourself a 'deep soak'? By careful cultivation, how might your life become stronger, more fruitful, more creative? How do you live a fuller, more integrated life in your relationship with God and your art?

Our Grove Getaways are small, intimate gatherings of great food, conversation, time alone with God, prayer and time with other artists.  Using vacation homes through Southern California, we take you to the mountains, lakes, deserts, and ocean. 

We take away artists, creatives and people who have a hunger for God, beauty, creativity and the arts.  visual artists. Writers. Filmmakers. Singer-songwriters. Worship leaders. Poets. Artists and creatives of all stripes.  

Grove Getaways are your chance to take a "deep soak."

Grove Getaways are relaxed. Highly relational. Conversational.

Grove Getaways are relaxed. Highly relational. Conversational.

Grateful words from an Artist...

"Okay let's compare. For the price of two movie tickets and a medium popcorn (no drink), you could instead attend a Grove Getaway and receive: A beautiful drive through unfamiliar pastures, a warm welcome from really nice people who have prepared for you fresh coffee, crumpets and fruit.

In a short while, a talented artisan will share his or her journey, then encourage you to enjoy your hour alone with God on the beautiful Grove grounds. After enjoying a lovely prepared lunch, a group discussion around the days topic of study will unfold where you are invited to participate or simply listen to learn.

After your great "Getaway," you will be sent home with a treat bag carrying fresh picked lemons and a few coveted avocados from their tree branches. Enjoy the beautiful pastures on your way out!" Pamela C.