Since our inception, The Grove has invested in the lives of artists and artist organizations by giving over $85,000 in small grants, scholarships and ministry gifts. We do not have an endowment nor are we a large granting foundation. We simply raise money and give a portion of the proceeds back to artists.

We believe in the importance of art patronage in the Church. We also believe that if we "sow sparingly", then we will reap sparingly. We think it's important to practice what we preach.

Here are some practical ways The Grove practices generosity and encourages artists to be generous.


In the past ten years, The Grove has financially assisted many artists who were unable to afford the cost of our Getaway retreats. Recently, we have developed a model that makes the cost of our Getaways very inexpensive. From time to time, we also offer small grants to assist artists in specific projects. We do this mainly through relationships and not outside requests. However, we're always open to a conversation.

The Grove also assists individuals, arts ministries and organizations who share missions similar to The Grove. The Grove Center for the Arts & Media has invested in these organizations, amongst others:



Mentoring and Consulting

The Grove also practices generosity through the giving of time and experience. We frequently meet with individual artists and arts organizations who are seeking counsel, prayer or advice on a particular matter. For those churches and organizations who are able, we do charge a consulting fee, which in turn, goes back to artists. We do offer a fee-based creative coaching service for those artists and organizations who are seeking specific help on projects and ministry team development.

If you'd like to donate to Grove artist scholarships and small grants, click here