Please read our information below to learn more how our grant application process works, as well as our FAQ page to learn more.


To ensure your application gets processed quickly, please take the following steps:

  1. Read The Grove Creative Funding Agreement. Please carefully review it before submitting your application. By submitting the application, if accepted, you agree to be legally bound by this agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  2. After filling out the application, please print a copy for your own records before you hit the Send button.
  3. After you hit Send, please pay the $99 application fee.
  4. Email us a copy of your Project Budget, detailing your proposed expenses. (Word or Excel file)

Please do not skip any of these steps. Your proposal, budget and payment represent a complete application. Only complete applications will be submitted to our review committee.* 

If you have questions about your budget, we typically cover this in our 20 Minute Consultation Call. If budgeting is not your strong suit, we can assist you so it meets our submission requirements.

Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to go over your proposal. The Grove Board of Directors will then review your proposal. If approved, you will receive the Creative Funding Agreement to sign and return. If payment is made directly to you as an individual, you will need to send in a W-9 or your company EIN. Our approval process takes between 2-3 weeks.

Please do not fill out this form if you do not intend to send in your accompanying budget and application fee. Still have questions? Email us first. Thank you!

Name *
Start Date to End Date (ex. January 1, 2015 to June 1, 2015)
Start Date to End Date (ex. June 1, 2015 to August 30, 2015) Note: This applies to all projects, events and professional development campaigns.
Include: Vision and purpose, audience, work involved, desired outcomes and any pertinent information that will provide an overview of your project. (For readability, please write in brief paragraphs.)
In order to quality for a Creative Funding grant, you must demonstrate a public benefit from your work. For example, you may be making a film and plan to offer free showings to local schools or you plan on offering free copies of your book to local libraries, etc.
Will you be selling CDs, DVDs, books, art, t-shirts, tickets, or distribution rights (anything for personal profit)? If so, please explain.

Please submit your tax-deductible Creative Funding Application Fee below.

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Before You Apply...

After watching our videos and reading our information, some artists know right away that Creative Funding is exactly what they're looking for. If that's you, you can apply right now!

For others, we highly recommend you take advantage of our free 20 Minute Consultation Call. This way, you can see if Creative Funding is the best fit for your needs.

You can email us now to schedule your call. 

Creative Funding for Artists helps you raise tax-deductible funds from your family, friends, fans, corporations and foundations requiring 501c3 non-profit status. We do not accept unsolicited grant requests. 

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