Creative Funding for Artists - Fund Your Next Art Project, Event and Career

raise Tax-Deductible funds for your creative work

For over 12 years, The Grove Center for the Arts & Media has helped artists raise tax-deductible funds for their art projects, events & careers. We've developed a strong, streamlined process to help more artists like you through our new Creative Funding for Artists grant program.

Note: We do not provide grant funds. We offer fiscal sponsorship that enables you to provide tax-deductible donations to the people and organizations who support your art.

Creative Funding will help you fund your art...

  • Your next film, CD, art project, or creation.
  • Your next event, concert, gallery installation or theater production.
  • Even your professional career! Education, travel, sabbaticals & study.

Who Can Apply for Grove Creative Funding?

  • Filmmakers, video & multimedia
  • Musicians raising money for recording & concert touring
  • Writers, poets & playwrights
  • Visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramicists, etc.)
  • Graphic designers, illustrators, culinary artists, product designers, & inventors
  • Curators hosting art shows
  • Theatre & music companies
  • Dancers, actors & performers
  • Gamers & app developers
  • Tech & media specialists
  • Artists & worship leaders serving internships
  • Artists going on overseas art mission trips
  • Emerging arts organizations
  • Individual artists or arts organizations awaiting 501(c)3 status
  • Any artist needing to raise funds for short-term or long-term artist career development

Watch 4 Simple Steps to Apply for a Creative Funding Grant

What we can sponsor

In order to be considered for a Creative Funding grant from The Grove, your art projects must be consistent with our mission of cultivating the spiritual life and creative work of artists. We don't offer verbal or written critiques to judge the artistic merit of your work, but we reserve the right to accept only those projects in alignment with our non-profit mission. If your project is not a good fit with The Grove, we'd be happy to recommend other funding organizations to better serve you as an artist.

To be considered for The Grove Creative Funding Program...

1. Submit a Grove Creative Funding Application and budget for your project.

2. Your project/work must be artistic.

3. Your project cannot be exclusively commercial in nature and must have some public benefit.

4. Your application must be accepted and you must abide by the terms of the Creative Funding Agreement.

What We Can't Sponsor...

The Grove cannot sponsor the following:

1. Artistic projects that are primarily commercial in nature (for-profit).

2. Artistic projects that have no discernible public benefit or those inconsistent with our mission.

3. Money raised for re-granting purposes (scholarships, foundations, grants or awards).

After I'm approved, what are my next steps?

Once approved, you sign the Grove Creative Funding grant agreement. We then begin planning with you, step by step, for you to launch a successful campaign! The Grove will provide you sample fundraising letters and tools to prepare you for your campaign launch. What are your options? You can...

1. Fundraise the Low-Tech Way. Send out emails & letters. Your donors simply send their checks to The Grove.

2. Fundraise on The Grove Website. Direct your friends and family to donate to your project on The Grove website. We'll help prepare a donation page with the photos, description or videos you provide us.

3. Crowdfund on The Grove Indiegogo Partner Platform. If you want to make your campaign available to the whole Indiegogo community, you can use all the crowdfunding features made available to you through our Indiegogo Partner Platform. You'll be featured on The Grove's Indiegogo Partner page and on The Grove website with the Indiegogo widget. You can visit our Grove Indiegogo Partner page here.

What Does it Cost?

The Grove receives a 10% fee from all donations, which includes discounted Paypal fees (3% average). This remaining admin fee covers our staff expenses, marketing your campaign to our donors, bookkeeping, legal fees, insurance, operating costs, etc. When you factor in all the costs associated with starting and maintaining your own non-profit, the price tag exceeds well over 100k.

If you choose to use the Indiegogo Grove Partner Platform for your campaign, their fees are an additional 5%, which would be added to ours (10% + 5% = 15%). 

There is a $99.00 tax-deductible application fee you submit with each Grove Creative Funding application. This fees covers our personal consultation time with you, shaping your proposal and examining your budget before your proposal goes to our review committee. We provide highly personalized fundraising assistance, so only artists who are serious about their projects, events or career and who are committed to raising funds should apply. 

As you begin to raise your funds, The Grove issues checks at the end of every month (provided there are sufficient funds in your account - $100 minimum). You may also request funds at any time by filling out the Request for Funds form before the first and fifteenth of every month. Request forms received before the 15th will be paid on the 1st. Requests received before the 1st will be paid on the 15th. Our accounting staff needs a minimum for 2 weeks to process your request.

Please review our Creative Funding Agreement for complete details.

Take the Next Step to Fund your Art

Click here to apply for Creative Funding for Artists now. After we receive your application and application fee, we will contact you to schedule a phone appointment to learn more about your work and answer your questions.

Free Webinar! Creative Funding for Artists Q & A

Still need more info? In our Creative Funding for Artists Q & A Webinar, Joey O'Connor (Executive Director of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media) provides you a practical overview of the Creative Funding for Artists grant program. Learn how you can raise tax-deductible donations for your next art project, event and career. Listen to our free webinar today! (45 minutes)

Joey will answer many of the common questions about how Creative Funding works and how you will benefit as an artist.

Please Stay in Touch

Due to popular demand, we are not accepting new applications at this time. We value the high quality of service we provide to the artists we serve. If you would like to know when we re-open the application process, please email us.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Creative Funding for Artists helps you raise tax-deductible funds from your family, friends, fans, corporations and foundations that require 501c3 non-profit status. We do not accept unsolicited grant requests. 

We'd love to answer your questions! First, please watch the two Creative Funding videos and read all of our information. Then, email us to schedule your free consultation call. 


Do you have a hunger to cultivate your spiritual life and creative work with other artists? For an incredible one-year experience, visit The Cultivated Artist. Creative Funding & The Cultivated Artist is a perfect combo!

Do you have a hunger to cultivate your spiritual life and creative work with other artists? For an incredible one-year experience, visit The Cultivated Artist. Creative Funding & The Cultivated Artist is a perfect combo!

Featured Artist Prentice Dupins
Last Stop - A Short Film

Click here to learn more about Last Stop.

Click here to learn more about Last Stop.

Grove Creative Funding Artists
Apply Today-You Could Be Next!

Here are just some of our artists who have been approved for our Creative Funding program...

7 Key Benefits for You!

  1. Your donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation to your project!
  2. You receive strategic planning & fundraising coaching for your campaign.
  3. You have the endorsement and support of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.
  4. Creative Funding enables you to apply for foundation grants requiring 501c3 status.
  5. You can crowdfund on the The Grove's Indiegogo Partner Platform and The Grove website.
  6. The Grove handles all of the tax-related admin paperwork for your donors.
  7. You get to create your art!

Quick Links

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Fund your Art On The Grove's Indiegogo Partner Platform

Indiegogo is the world's funding engine. Through our Grove Indiegogo Partner page, you have access to all the crowdfunding tools you need at discounted prices.

Indiegogo is the world's funding engine. Through our Grove Indiegogo Partner page, you have access to all the crowdfunding tools you need at discounted prices.


Over the past 10 years, The Grove has invested in these arts organizations with event grants, scholarships and funding.

  • Angelspeak Music
  • CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts)
  • SEEDS Fine Arts
  • RYFO Network
  • Worship Foundations International
  • The Veracity Project
  • 168 Hour Film Project
  • Visual Story Network
  • Rock for Justice
  • Grower's First