Creative Funding for Artists - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Grove's Creating funding such a great opportunity?

In our conversations with artists of all kinds, money is one of the most frequent obstacles artists face. Without adequate funding, it's really challenging to record that next CD, stage the next production, host a gallery showing, finish that book, series of paintings or shoot that next film. The Grove's Creative Funding gives you the endorsement of an arts organization committed to seeing you thrive as an artist. A Grove endorsement shows your donors you have a project worth backing.

What is the relationship between The Grove and the artist's Project?

The Grove's Creative Funding grants are legally considered a Grantor/Grantee relationship. Known as a fiscal sponsorship, when the artist receives a Creative Funding grant from The Grove, the artist is not an agent, partner or representative of The Grove, nor does it give the artist or their project 501c3 status. The artist receives many of the benefits of The Grove's 501c3 status. Every artist and their sponsored project are considered separate legal entities responsible for their own employment taxes, tax returns, debts, insurance, liabilities and other legal obligations. For more details, please read The Grove Creative Funding Agreement.

My previous crowdfunding campaign failed... what makes this different?

Even if you weren't successful in a previous crowdfunding campaign, with The Grove Creative Funding, you have a great new story to pitch to your donors. First, you have to be accepted and awarded a Grove Creative Funding grant. If you are, it shows you have creds with the backing of an arts organizations. Second, you now get to pitch to your backers that their donations are tax-deductible. That's a game-changer for many people. You can get to take advantage of all the tools and coaching resources available to you for a successful campaign.

When can I begin fundraising and contacting my donors?

Artists cannot approach prospective donors for funding until they are first approved for a Grove Creative Funding grant. All donor solicitations (email, letters, website) must first be approved by The Grove before being sent to donors. This protects you, the donor and The Grove by ensuring everyone understands the Grantor/Grantee relationship. We're here to help to make sure you succeed!

Once my campaign has ended, how soon will I get paid?

Most crowdfunding campaigns like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, last one to two months. Upon completion of a campaign, you will receive your project funds less expenses when you fill out the Request for Funds form. The Grove issues checks on the 1st and 15th of every month (provided there are sufficient funds in your account - $100 minimum). All you’ll need to do is fill out the Request for Funds form before the first and fifteenth of every month. Request forms received before the 15th will be paid on the 1st. Requests received before the 1st will be paid on the 15th. Our accounting staff needs a minimum of 2 weeks to process your request.

Do I need to keep my receipts?

Yes! Please! As a Creative Funding grant recipient, keeping your receipts is your way of demonstrating you paid for what your proposal called for to fund your project. Whether your project has a limited time frame or is ongoing, keeping receipts and providing project updates keeps everything on the "up and up". We'll provide you plenty of tools to make this as simple and seamless as possible.

Will the Grove pay my vendors and handle my project administration?

No. We will handle everything tax-related for your Grove Creative Funding project, but we leave it to the artist to pay their vendors and administrate their projects.

Can I receive "in-kind gifts" for my project?

Say you are staging a theatre production or filming a movie. You have all sorts of vendors (food trucks, lighting equipment, costumes, etc.) willing to donate their materials and equipment for your project. The Grove will provide you "Gift In-Kind" (non-cash) letters for every tax-deductible, non-cash gift you receive.

Can my vendors receive a tax-donation for their time and services?

Vendors offering you In-Kind Gifts can only receive a tax-deduction for their materials and equipment. Not their time, consulting, or expertise. For example, if an artist paints a backdrop for you, she can receive an In-Kind tax-receipt for her materials, but not her time or the perceived value of her work.

Can I embed my crowdfunding campaign on my website?

If you choose to use our Grove Indiegogo Partner Platform, we can provide you embed code for your website. If you chose not to run an Indiegogo campaign, your campaign can be hosted on The Grove website and yours as well with the same PayPal donation links.

I'm new to crowdfunding and may want a bit more help... do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Our goal is to see you reach your campaign goal so you can get on to creating art. For those who'd like it, we offer additional One-on-One Coaching services with personalized attention to help walk you through every step of your campaign. We will offer the support, motivation, and tools you need to build a successful campaign.


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