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Chung Lee, Producer, Good Fruit Co.

Chung Lee, Producer, Good Fruit Co.

AMP Asia Tour

The AMP Asia Tour exists to reach the younger generation with the Gospel through music. Currently, Good Fruit Co. has executed tours in Korea, Japan, and China and the impact it has had on the youth generation has been inspiring and encouraging. Media stands at the forefront of culture and speaks to the heart in ways that many other avenues cannot.

Dr. Baehr did a study on media consumption in America from ages 0­17 and total hours consumed: “Thousands of scientific studies and case studies have shown the powerful influence that the entertainment media has on people's cognitive development and behavior, especially children, teenagers and young people, who represent the biggest audience. In fact, by the time they are 17­ years ­old, children will have spent at least 43,000 hours watching movies, videos and TV programs, playing video games, listening to music, and reading popular books and news stories, but only 11,000 hours in school, 2,000 hours with their parents, and 800 hours in church if they regularly attend!” ­ Although it is very important for us to embark and improve on the 800 hours being spent within the walls of the church, what are we doing with the 43,000 hours of consumption? This statistical fact speaks volumes to the truth that media is a powerful and impactful way to reach the younger generation. This is the goal of the AMP Asia Tour specifically through music.

The tour will hit the following countries:

● Dec. 9th ­ Sydney, Australia

● Dec. 16th ­ Singapore

● Dec. 18th ­ Hong Kong

● Dec. 23rd ­ Seoul, South Korea

● Dec. 26­28 ­ New York, NY

The field of music and media is truly a mission field and with your support through The Grove Center, we invite you to partner with us and invest into reaching and impacting the youth in these countries in hopes to encourage, inspire, and lead them to know the true value of the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

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