Artist Interview with Yukiko Wade - Children's Apparel Designer

At The Grove, our two key priorities are cultivating the spiritual life and creative work of artists. When we speak with many artists about the creative work aspect of their lives, we stress the commitment to artistry through the continual experimenting, learning and improving of craft.

So when we encounter an artist who demonstrates outstanding quality in her work, like photographer and children's apparel designer, Yukiko Wade, it's a joy to share her work with you.

Yukiko is a recent Creative Funding for Artists grant recipient who is boldly pursuing her dream of developing a children's clothing line named Tiny Blossom's, Inc. After spending years as a professional photographer, Yukiko is now leveraging her experience by developing a high-quality children's apparel line for age 6 months to 3 years old. (Perfect for me, now that I'm going to be first-time grandpa in just a few weeks!)

In launching her crowdfunding campaign on The Grove's Indiegogo Partner Platform, Yukiko held nothing back by hiring our good friends at the video agency, Veracity Colab, to create an outstanding pitch video.

Not only is she raising the needed funds to launch Tiny Blossoms, Yukiko has committed to supporting two causes she is passionate about: 1) Rebuilding a library for children in Japan (tsunami restoration). 2) Clean water for children in Rwanda.

If you visit Yukiko's Indiegogo campaign, you'll see adorable children dressed in the beautiful clothing she designed. You learn more about her heart for children in Rwanda and her native country of Japan. You'll also get to see the attractive perks and the opportunity to receive a tax-deductible donation through The Grove when you support her campaign.

We think Yukiko's campaign is really cool... and so does Indiegogo.

So much so that Indiegogo selected Yukiko's campaign to be featured on the their blog.

Yukiko's campaign and the clothing she creates demonstrate a total commitment to her craft. She spent well over two months prepping for her campaign launch. And that's not including years spent dreaming, planning, designing and creating Tiny Blossoms just to get it to the launch pad.

As my friend and Grove co-worker Roy Cochran often says, "Not all artists are ready for prime time." In other words, too many artists have a higher view of the quality of their creative work or gift or talent (i.e. American Idol tryouts... many singers are not ready for prime time.). The stage is far more alluring than a practice studio.

In a rush to get their work out there, too many artists take shortcuts or fail to prepare-practice-rinse-repeat-prepare-practice. You get it. It takes a long time to get ready for prime time.

Patience, persistence, and perseverance win the day.

Yukiko is definitely a prime time artist. Visit her campaign. Support her efforts.

Your generosity will help Yukiko fulfill her dream of launching her clothing line.

That's what we live for here at The Grove. Seeing artists become all who God has designed them to be by becoming His image-bearers throughout the world.