Funding Your Art & the Fear of Failure

How does fear hold you back from becoming the artist you are made to be?

If fear wasn't snapping at your ankles or slithering 'round your neck whispering all sorts of hideous myths, lies and distortions of who you are: A) As a follower of Christ and B) As an artist. If fear didn't have a tight grasp on your life, then what would you do? How would you live?

If you are more than a mere mortal than me, perhaps fear isn't much of an issue for you? But if you are like many artists I know, fear is a common thread weaved in the narrative of our collective creative lives.

Depending on who you are and your background, fear appears in many ways:

  • Procrastination - Masks the fear of failure by never committing to a creative endeavor from start to finish.
  • Rejection - Never allowing others to offer constructive criticism for fear of disapproval.
  • Sloth - Burying your talents and creative gifts for fear of what they may demand of you.
  • People Pleasing - Saying yes to everyone else's projects except your own.
  • Arrogance - Puffing up yourself and your gifts as a defense versus openness and humility.
  • Blackhole - Sucking the life out of others instead of seeking healing for your wounds.
  • Religiousity - Wearing a false front of religious talk & rules instead of love and grace.

I don't think the goal in life is to get rid of fear because, in my limited experience, I have found fear to be the very thing that exposes my sandcastle defenses I erect before God. And, more importantly, it creates the very reality that centers me: Daily dependence walking in the love and grace of God.

In the short video I made (above), I share two of my greatest fears and the one ANTIDOTE I have found that helps me step into every and any challenge in the day before me.

I also talk about one of the most pressing fears many artists deal with and that's the struggle of how to fund their art. On both a spiritual and practical level, that's why The Grove exists... to help you in your spiritual life and creative work.

Perhaps together, we can kick fear in the arse and get on living the creative, freedom-soaked life we are made to experience in walking with God.

I'd love your comments about fear and the pathways that lead you to greater freedom in Christ.

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