Artist Interview with Phillip Herrold

I've been wondering lately...

What if artists across America set the example of art patronage by being the first to support other artists?

What if we stopped waiting for others to be generous with us?

What if we started being generous towards others?

In this era of crowdfunding and micro-financing, artists no longer need to wait for wealthy art patrons to step up first. Yes, we will always need art patrons to support the arts (large gifts do matter!). But, if every artist practiced generosity, little by little, we would see more artists supported and more new art created.

By now, I hope you've taken some time to visit our new Creative Funding for Artists grant program, especially one of our newest Featured Artists, Phillip Herrold. Phillip is the visual artist, dreamer and director of The Enclave Project, a community-based gallery and art education project based in Watanah, Indiana.

What I love about Phillip's passion is his desire to see children develop a love for the arts as well as creating a downtown space for an art gallery that his whole community will benefit from. I wonder, what would happen if more artists across America stepped up to develop gallery space for their whole community?

Across America, as art education in public schools continues to suffer deep cutbacks, we need more courageous, risk-taking artists like Phillip.

So, I'd like to invite you to listen to this new interview with Phillip. Hear his vision, heart and passion.

Then, read about The Enclave Project and help Phillip see his dream become a reality.

Be a generous giver. Whether $5 or $5,000, your gift matters.

I'm so excited to see how many artists we are going to be able to help in 2015 with Creative Funding for Artists. It's going to be an incredible new year as we watch new collaboration, creativity and art projects created through The Grove community of artists, those near and far.

You are going to see dynamic, innovative art and a community of artists emerge in whole new way.

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