July Gathering & August Getaway

SEEDS Fine Arts Installation

Denise & Cindi from SEEDS Fine Arts leading our evening. 

Denise & Cindi from SEEDS Fine Arts leading our evening. 

Smack in the middle of summer, our July Grove Gathering was a special evening led by Denise Kufus Weyhrich and Cindi Zech-Rhodes from SEEDS Fine Arts. Denise and Cindi prepared a four-piece art installation that was placed in various locations throughout Tom Clark's home. After presenting their stories about the common struggles of artists, Denise and Cindi invited the guests to visit each piece of the collection.

Later, each guest was a given a hunk of clay and a candle to create and reflect upon God being the Potter of our lives. After a beautiful time of singing and worship led by Henry Haney, Pat Lynch and Katie Mueller, artists shared their thoughts on the whole experience. We had so many wonderful new guests and great fellowship late into the evening! We are so grateful for the hearts of this emerging artistic community. Click here to see more July Grove Gathering photos.

Visit SEEDS Fine Arts

Installation by SEEDS Fine Arts

Installation by SEEDS Fine Arts

If you haven't visited SEEDS Fine Arts, I'd like to invite you to visit their website to learn more about Denise & Cindi's curation and exhibition work. They have been longtime friends of The Grove and we can't say enough good things about the importance of their work.  SEEDS mission is "Unearthing the Spirit in life:
To glorify and honor God through Fine Art Exhibits and to bless those we touch in the process."

Join us for The Grove Getaway-August 5-7

 Big Bear Mountains $99 pp (scholarships available)

Grove Getaways are a perfect way for you to cultivate your walk with Christ. Would you take a moment to simply ask God if this is a Getaway He wants you to attend? I do hope you'll join Roy and I as we expect God to meet us in the mountains with His love and presence.

Getaway Details

We'll be staying at a beautiful mountain home in the Big Bear mountains. Grove Getaways are highly relational, conversational times to spend time in community and alone with God. It's your chance to rest and take a "deep soak" into a deeper life with Christ.


You will spend two nights and three days with 12-14 other artists for a small, intimate Grove Getaway filled with rest, laughter, prayer, great meals, and wonderful conversations about cultivating our life in Christ, creativity, and the arts. These are truly wonderful getaways filled with new friendships and spiritual transformation. Note: Since we are in a large cabin with several rooms, you will be sharing a room with other guests.

Your Getaway facilitators will be Joey O'Connor and Roy Cochran. For Grove Getaway photos, details, and registration information, Click here now. Please contact Janae O'Connor if you have more questions. Once you register, you will receive details, schedule and directions.

Questions: What helps you cultivate your spiritual life? On the flip side, what drains your spiritual life? What practices can you share to encourage other artists?

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