June Grove Gathering


In June, we were a bit blown away by the idea that it has already been six months since we began hosting our monthly Grove Gatherings (Click here to see more photos of our June Gathering). We have enjoyed meeting so many artists who are hungry for God and "all in" in their pursuit of artistry. The positive response and enthusiasm from each of you who have attended tells us a few key things:

  • You can never go wrong with great food (thank you Sean and Team Chef!).
  • You can never go wrong with incredible music inviting people to worship God.
  • People's authentic stories of hope and struggle makes for a safe place.
  • Prayer makes a huge difference to propel us closer to God is and one another.

In these monthly Grove Gathering updates, we'd like to introduce you to some of the artists who have shared and how you can get in touch with them.  Here's a couple Grove friends we'd like to encourage you to get to know and help support.

AJ DeGrasse: Visit The Warehome

AJ DeGrasse is an exceptional singer-songwriter who has been a long-time friend of The Grove, sharing his music talents at many of our gatherings over the years. This past month, AJ and Chris Falson led us in a time of music. In particular, AJ shared a beautiful poem, The House By The Side Of The Road (Sam Walter Foss, 1897.)

Now, I'm very excited to announce the launch of a project AJ's been working on the past couple years.  It's called The Warehome and as you watch this video, you'll see that it is a place where AJ brings together musicians, photographers, fine artists, videographers, and culinary artists to showcase the best of their craft. Visit The Warehome website, drop AJ a note to learn more and learn how you can get involved. The Grove is a supporter of The Warehome and we encourage you to become one too.

Chris Falson: Visit ChrisFalson.com

Chris Falson is an exceptional artist that we have gotten to know over the past year. In short, the guy's pretty amazing. He is one of those rare, authentic souls with a refreshing way of talking about a number things. A tender and generous heart with a wicked sense of humor. We were so grateful to have him share his life and music with us at our June Gathering.

He is an Australian born singer-songwriter, studio musician, composer, producer, entrepreneur, church-planter, touring artist, published author, teacher and inventor, having co-written several patents on interactive digital media distribution.

With 14 solo albums to date, Chris has performed all around the world for audiences of between one and one hundred thousand. Some of the highlights include Wembley Stadium, The LA Coliseum, Shea Stadium, a bell tower in Burglen and for Pope John Paul’s visit to the US in ’93. His latest project is Sound Dangerous, a music production, licensing and distribution company based in Hollywood helping independent artists (songwriters, composers, musicians, producers and sound designers) to monetize their content and production skills within the Film, Television and Advertising industries. To learn more about Chris's life and work, visit his website.

Last, we highly encourage you to ask Chris about Planted by the Water, a non-profit organization he founded whose specific objectives are to train and equip creative artists, with an emphasis on musicians, songwriters, composers and performers in the art and gifting of healing through music. Email Chris.

Please drop us a comment here on our new Grove blog and share what AJ and Chris are up to with a friend.

We realize that many of you don't live in Southern California, but we'd love to learn more about you.