Welcome to The Grove Center for the Arts & Media Artist Financial Survey

We have a sneaking suspicion that money has a big influence on your life as an artist. Just as having plenty of sun, water and fertilizer to grow a beautiful avocado tree, money is a key resource to help you be productive as an artist. Money is a key resource, in most cases the key resource, that enables you to do your art. It's also one of key fruits produced by your art. Yet, from many conversations with friends of ours, we know many artists who struggle with their finances (a lack of money, budgeting, saving for the future, a windfall, etc.)

We'd love to get your thoughts about the role of money in your life as an artist. A core part of our mission is to cultivate the creative work of artists. We hope we can help you in this vital area of money because without it, most of us just can't pursue our art.

Please take a moment to fill out this brief financial survey. All results are confidential.

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Question #1
As an artist, when it comes to finances, are you...
Question #2
When was the last time you went to a retirement party for a worship leader? An artist? (A creative who actually had a retirement account?)
Question #3
How much do finances limit your ability to do your art?
Question #4
Is financial pressure a constant source of stress?
Question #5
Are finances a frequent source of conflict between you and your spouse?
Question #6
How would you rate yourself as a money manager?
Question #7
How would you rate your understanding of biblical stewardship (i.e. the relationship between God, you and money)?
Question #8
How would you rate yourself with budgeting your income & expenses?
Question #9
How much debt do you carry?
Question #10
How well are you prepared for savings and retirement?
Question #11
How much would you like to experience greater financial freedom as an artist?
Question #12
Do you need help learning about a balanced investment portfolio? (i.e. so you don't "put all your eggs in one basket)