Who cares for artists? We do...here's how...

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media cultivates the spiritual life and creative work of artists. We prefer authentic relationships and keeping things simple. Cultivating hearts, minds, lives and craft. Simple is beautiful. Our passion is producing good fruit with...

Grove Gatherings

Authentic relationships.

Beauty. Truth. Goodness.

A hunger for life and community.

Too good to be true?

Enter Grove Gatherings

We meet monthly. Intentionally.

Great food. Conversation. Music.

Caring. Cultivating. Community.

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Grove Getaways

3 days. 10-15 artists.

Rest. Conversation. New ideas.

Highly relational. Intimate settings. Prayer & laughter.

Not a conference. No blah-blah.

Oh, did we mention good food?

Great things happen.

God always surprises us.

Experience a Grove Getaway for yourself.

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Grove Generosity

We own a farm. 

We like to sow good seed.

So, The Grove gives to artists.

How? Small grants & scholarships.

We don't have an endowment.

We raise money & give it away.

We also give our time to artists.

We encourage artists to be generous.

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